Letter from the leader

Dear Resident

The Conservatives have run the County Council in some of the most financially challenging times and will continue to protect our Front Line services. We are more than conscious that no council has money – it is YOUR money and how we spend and invest that is how you judge our performance. We have had to remove more than three quarters of a BILLION pounds in our budget as the Essex contribution to paying off the national debt that the Conservatives inherited from the last Labour Government. In Essex we had a similar experience when we took control back from the then Labour/Lib Dem coalition at County Hall which virtually bankrupted the county.

Only the Conservatives can manage your taxes well and ensure your hard earned money is invested wisely in the services you receive.

We have and will continue to invest in our roads with all our major routes being repaired and resurfaced. We are now tackling the potholes in smaller estate roads and despite the financial pressures we face we regard this as a priority and are getting them fixed on a rolling basis.

We will continue to ensure our most vulnerable adults and children are looked after and cared for because as Conservatives we believe that every individual is important and deserves the best care and respect throughout their lives. We are proud that Essex Social Services ranks among the best in the country.

We have overseen a tremendous growth in the economy with the lowest unemployment rates seen in Essex for years, against a backdrop of global recession. We work alongside businesses and are blessed with an entrepreneurial county of small enterprises. We have put into place policies to help them thrive.

We have and will continue to ensure your children and grandchildren receive a world class education with Essex schools once again being among the top performers in the UK.

Only the Conservatives will do this and it is only the Conservatives you can trust with your money and the economy of Essex. Best wishes David Finch David Finch Leader Essex County Council.

Best wishes,

David Finch

Leader, Essex County Council

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