Tories renew call for infrastructure alongside new housing

New roads, schools, medical services and installing broadband facilities should all form part of any future plans to develop housing in Essex. That’s the message behind a motion put forward today by the Conservative ruling group at County Hall.

This is to ensure people can live in sustainable communities that are growing because of the urgent housing need.

It comes as Local Plans are being finalised by many councils and acts in support of these Plans to make sure that proper infrastructure is not lagging behind the need to build more homes. This benefits people, jobs and the economy.

Cllr. Sue Lissimore, Cabinet Member for Housing. Property and Planning at County Hall, said:

“We know the predicted rise in the population for the next two decades means that we need more housing both now and in the future. It is critical if our children and grandchildren are going to have the chance of a home with a local, decent job, green space to play and exercise, local schools that offer excellent standards and a fully sustainable community. However, it is vital that we do not allow housing to be built in isolation and that proper infrastructure to support these new and emerging communities is put in place at the start. This is a realistic motion that reaffirms the Conservatives position and aligns itself with what many people in Essex also believe.”

The motion also urges the Government to ensure that help is given to Councils to progress Local Plans so that ‘opportunistic’ applications are not made and that all brownfield sites are brought forward for building.

Cllr. David Finch, Leader of ECC, said:

“We are very much in favour of proper housing being built in Essex so that current and future generations can live in good decent housing. But we must ensure that we plan for next 20-30 years and properly shape the county so that we improve the road network, schools are built and medical services are available. Essex is a great place to live and work and as Conservatives elected to run County Hall for the next four years it is our duty to ensure we do so in a sensible way that benefits local people.”

This motion follows a similar one put forward and accepted by ECC Members in 2014 and reaffirms the Conservatives commitment to good planning, housing and infrastructure whilst also urging the Government to issue urgent statutory guidance, to prevent some developers exploiting the lack of a 5 year housing supply to gain planning permission on greenfield sites.

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