Tories want Independent Commission to check fire safety at all ECC premises

The safety of ECC staff and the public was at the centre of a crucial debate today at County Hall concerning fire safety at council premises in the Essex.

Conservatives have called for an independently chaired all-party commission involving partner organisations to look into the whole system of fire safety for employees and other users of Council premises.  This would take into account the size, scale. location and use of the particular building and consider the tools and technologies available to protect human life and the building.

The vote was unanimously in favour of this call which came in the form of an amendment to a motion put forward by the Labour Group. It follows the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire and the tragic loss of life.

Cllr. David Finch, Leader of the Council put forward the amendment and added:

“I support the aims of what Labour were trying to do but didn’t feel their motion went far enough. In essence the Council has now asked me to set up this Commission  which I will do very soon. I am delighted that the Conservative amendment achievedunanimity as this issue is not Party political but about the lives and welfare of the residents we serve.

As part of the motion the Council recognised and applauded the heroic efforts of the London Fire Service attending the Grenfell Tower fire and described the actions taken as demonstrating the very best of public service. The motion also paid tribute to and commended the community and voluntary organisations who pulled together to support the victims of the tragic fire.”

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