Welcome from the Election Campaign Director

David Finch for opening pageThis May there will be a crucial election for Essex County Council and the residents of our great county will choose the local councillors who will run Essex for the next four years.

The Conservatives have a proven track record of success in office and during the past four years have made huge savings in our back office costs that have resulted in no increase in council tax for three years, while investing and protecting the front line services that you would expect as taxpayers.

At a time when many councils face financial difficulties and are reducing services, we in Essex have ensured financial stability, improved services and low taxes all because of the right fiscal management that only the Conservatives can offer.

When other parties ran County Hall they almost bankrupted Essex and it was only through our prudence, forethought and planning that we have made Essex one of the most efficient counties in the UK.

I am proud to be a Conservative and like all my Conservative colleagues I am proud of what we have achieved for the residents of Essex.

On 2nd May you will have a vote – please vote Conservative to keep Essex on the right financial footing and to ensure that we offer the best services and quality of life that we have all come to expect.

Cllr. David Finch

Deputy Leader, Essex Conservative Group

Essex County Council

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